This gives you an idea of some of the mentors we currently have on board and what support they can offer. If you’d like to join our brilliant team, then hit the button below. It can take up as little or as much time as you want, that’s decided between you and your mentee. Check out our AMAZING mentors below!

Sara Harnett

Areas of experience: LQBTQ+, career change, mental health, redundancy, starting a non profit, self belief/self worth, identity, budgeting, getting to know yourself, public speaking … happy to mentor on anything if can be of help

Co-founder of Better Together Project and incredibly passionate about the power of mentoring, Sara comes from a professional background of teaching, events management and sport development. From a personal point, Sara is married; has been through redundancies; a journey of getting to know and accept herself; and loves to reflect

Sara loves to read (favourite book this year ‘Girl, Woman, Other’); writes a blog; eats way too many biscuits (jammie dodgers with cream!!); is obsessed with dogs (westies are the best); coaches a ladies football team and loves to sing out loud in very public places.

Kate Page

Areas of experience: working in education, personal development through academia, working in sport, travelling, ‘being a woman in a ‘man’s’ world’.

Kate is really excited to be joining Better Together and to get started on supporting other women. Her professional background is steeped in education and teaching, as well as being a regular at summer camp in the USA. At Camp Timber Tops she has climbed through the ranks from camp counsellor to programme director. Kate loves to socialise (on her own terms) and could be considered a pro at napping. She is ambitious, both academically and professionally.

Kate loves campfires, making smores, binge watching series on TV, live music and any adventures locally or internationally. Kate is not a fan of being woken up early, being fed sweet and savoury together and don’t put her in front of a horror movie … she will attempt to run away and probably throw the sweet and salty popcorn at you.

Darcie Andrews

Areas of experience: Self belief, confidence, childhood trauma, dealing with stress, grief and loss of parents, career change, experience of going through therapy, mental health, managing mental illness, bi-polar disorder, developing a positive attitude, coming out, dealing with shame, self acceptance and dealing with toxic relationships.

Darcie loves talking and listening to people and is looking forward to developing herself and others as a mentor. Positivity is her mantra. She is happily married, identifies as a lesbian and is hoping to start a family in the next year. Her professional life has been spent in a variety of roles in pubs, restaurants and the customer service industry, with her current role being a duty manager. She is someone who has gone through so much and has come out with a positive attitude and is so keen to give back and help others. She is very open minded and will make you feel at ease, no matter what the subject is. She is a great resource and we are so happy to have her as part of the team!

Darcie LOVES people as well as music, singing, wrestling, football, walking, reading and spending time with family and friends.

Patricia Rodrigues

Areas of experience: academia, parenting your own children and others, relationships, job transitions, adapting to cultural changes, moving to the UK, life skills.

Patricia was ‘built to support and service others’ and loves that feeling that she gets when she see’s others achieve their goals and dreams. She is the proud mother of 3 daughters, describes herself as multicultural having lived life in Angola, Portugal and the UK, and is incredibly passionate about learning. Her professional life has seen her gain a wealth of experience in admin work with her current position being that of account manager. Beliefs and values are something she is very passionate about. Patricia is a mentor that will help you to fight your fights and she is ready to go into battle for you.

Patricia loves to dance and let herself go to the music. She is feisty and fun to be around with an outlook grounded in positivity. Laughter is key for her, with her favourite comedians being Kevin Hart and Trevor Noah. The human brain is a particular fascination, with a keen interest on the ‘why’ behind people’s actions. Family time is her favourite thing and it is important to her to be a role model to her daughters.

Rachel Addison

Areas of experience: mental health issues, surviving and thriving through and after trauma, transitions (moving away from home, leaving Uni, starting new jobs) and loneliness (how to enjoy your own company).

Rachel has come on board hoping to help others with experiences she had to go through alone. She loves her job and admits it can be stressful at times but it pushes her to work harder. When at university she struggled with her mental health and has come up with some great coping mechanisms. Currently our youngest mentor, she is proud of where she has gotten to and would love to support other ambitious young people.

Rachel loves to read (little women is her fav book), spending time with friends, getting to know new people and she is also passionate about charity work.

Laura Steele

Areas of experience: Working in education, using education to further yourself, challenge at work, confidence, motivation and positivity, fitness and health, living and travelling alone, independence, taking on leadership roles, managing conflict, dealing with stress and work life balance.

Laura has 15 years experience of being mentored and is in a great position to pay it forward. Finding the positive is something that she is really keen to support others with, having been through many things in her life she has learned to take on this approach herself and use each experience as a life lesson. Living the independent female dream, she is self supporting, owns her own home and parents a small dog. Having been a primary teacher, then moving into secondary, she now lectures in higher education.

Laura loves to play sports and stay active, spending time with others brings positivity and good vibes but she also enjoys time spent in her own company, especially on travel adventures.

Sian Kinal

Areas of experience: Setting work goals, career, Personal identity, LGBTQ, Friendships, moving to a new area, health, fitness, mental health, mastering and adapting the art of communication and conversation (verbal and non verbal).

Sian has experience mentoring others through her job and is looking forward to supporting a wider community (that’s you!!). She enjoys supporting and empowering others so we know she’ll be a great BTP mentor. She has built her career as a physiotherapist over the last 7 years, although initially unsure of herself she has worked hard to believe in herself. So much so, that she now mentors other physios to achieve their goals. She identifies as a lesbian woman and has been on a journey of learning to love not only herself, but the LGBTQ community. She describes herself as a work in progress and like she says … aren’t we all?

Sian enjoys socialising, being outdoors and trying new things and is looking to conquer solo traveling next. In her own words she is a total nerd at heart and has an interest in comics, gaming, books, TV and films. She also loves to play sport and her newest passion is Roller Derby which she describes as “a sport full of female empowerment and strength.”

Marie Kelleher

Areas of experience: Resilience, business, management, career change, personal development, courage with big decisions, asking for help, reflecting, instilling a positive mindset for success (with health, pain, past, career, personal goals), health and well being, recognising self worth, ‘finding’ yourself, being a single parent.

Marie has done a lot and been through a lot in life. She’d love to pay it forward and share her life lessons with others. She is a single mum of a 14 year old, the owner of a busy sports massage clinic and successfully manages a long term illness. However, before sports massage, Marie ran pubs for 15 years before making the change, for her own health. She shares that she has struggled with her mental health since the age of 18 but has put a lot of work into recognising her triggers and allowing herself the time she needed to heal. Her journey has led her to a place of loving herself and feeling happy with herself.

Marie is a keen netballer, playing 4 times a week in the Loughborough Premier League. Reading is also an interest, especially psychology and mindset books. At the core of her reading is a love of learning.

Joanne McDonald

Areas of experience: social media (marketing yourself and/or your business), business plan development, forming a company, support with becoming more organised, entreprenurial skills, interviewing & CV writing, accepting & adapting to new paths in life, managing university as a mature student, becoming self employed, managing lockdown whilst being self employed

Joanne is an entrepreneur at heart, she is so passionate about it that she wants to help others achieve their dream of doing the same thing. She has a venue styling business and a wedding planning business. Not only this, but Joanne is also about to enter her 3rd year of a management degree. As you can tell, being busy is something she enjoys and time management skills are incredibly important. She is the president of the Entrepreneur society at university and takes a role of mentoring students to explore entrepreneurial routes beyond their degree completion. Having gone through a Princes Trust Course, Joanne receives regular mentoring and values the accountability and sound boarding that comes with it.

Joanne absolutely loves dogs and has recently adopted her own sprocker called Ollie. When she isn’t super busy you’re likely to find her watching a disney film or looking for her next holiday. Technology, in terms of apps and gadgets, are something she loves to try out.

Nabeeda Bakali

Areas of experience: Customer success, time management , getting involved with or starting a social impact related project, working abroad, managing responsibility (family, community, culture), learning how to reflect, goal setting, CV writing, interview skills, creating webinars, how to create and maintain a YouTube channel, tips on blogging, confidence around sharing views, how to get onto a grad scheme, options after uni.

Nabeeda has come on board and she would love to offer some of the support and knowledge that she has received from starting uni to getting onto her graduate scheme. She is bubbly and her enthusiasm is incredibly infectious. Although not the first to go to uni, Nabeeda was the first female in her family to leave home for university and has, through setting such a positive example, allowed other females in her community the ability to follow her path. She has plenty of experience in being mentored, both formally and informally, as well experience in being a mentor. She has been blogging for around 3 years, starting out by recording her experiences of working abroad but progressing into uni experiences and now moving onto more topical blogs around opinion pieces. Spreading her wings further, Nabeeda moved into the world of YouTube and for the last 3 months has been creating content. She is very passionate about mental health, feminism and colourism.

Nabeeda loves to read and she enjoys a bit of romance or a non fiction, something whereby she can escape or learn. She loves a romcom and spending time with people making them laugh. Nabeeda blogs and vlogs and hopes to one day write a book. She loves to travel and is currently learning sign language.

Rewand Bouji-Smith

Areas of experience: Parenthood, career progression, presenting to people, how to cope with toxicity, (people, relationships, conversations) working to change a situation, encouraging self-reflection, using different approaches, managing healthy conversations.

Rewand (Re) is married with 2 young boys, 2 and 5 years old. She has, at times, struggled with mental health. Re is an Account Director at a company that manufactures beauty displays. She loves her job and has had the opportunity to support and coach others at work in a variety of different situations.

Re loves making things and getting creative, especially crafts and gardening.

Sally Needham

Areas of experience: Understanding yourself and others better through the lens of neuroscience with an impact on how then you support relationships, learning and yourself better to have an optimal human experience

Sally is a daughter, sister, aunty and friend. She loves sports, whether that is spectating or taking part. She currently works within the biggest sport in our country, football, where she tutors, coaches, researches and is most curious and intrigued when working with younger players. Sally loves to explore places and experiences and enjoys soaking up what these adventures have to offer. Her favourite colour is green, she loves Italian and Thai food and values every interaction with other human beings.

Rebecca MacDonald

Areas of experience: Finance, parenting, dating, rebuilding your life, time management, confidence building, future planning, problem solving (moving to a new area and finding, reducing isolation), CV writing, recruitment advice, surviving and thriving, managing risks and making big decisions, warning signs of negative relationships, changing career paths, how to build support networks, reconnecting and finding yourself.

Rebecca has joined BTP as a mentor because she ‘wants to empower women to be all they can, starting by being happy and mentally healthy. I’ve spent 4 years working on me and I’m now starting my new and improved story. I have had many battles along the way but my friends and family have helped me through, now I want to give back’. When she says she has had many battles, she has figuratively been to war for the last 4 years and has come out the other side stronger, more self assured and having learned a wealth of life lessons. She really see’s the value in just having someone to talk to about whatever is going on in life. Rebecca is divorced and a single mum to two amazing young children, she is an Estate Agent and has previously been a bank manager. After getting out of a disastrous marriage, she went on to create a facebook group for other single parents to combat loneliness and also help with connecting, either for friendship or romance. 

Rebecca loves to be the life and soul of the party, once the music starts she’ll create herself some space and start throwing some shapes. When she’s not painting the town red, she loves to read. Everything from a romcom to a thriller, and that follows through into her film watching, she loves horror or ghost film. She has recently started delving more into her spirituality and works with crystals to pick up signs.  

Want to be mentored by one of our powerful mentors? Hit the button below and we’ll get you set up as soon as possible.

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